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Meet Toni Azzoparditoni

Toni Azzopardi, with her passion for helping people, brings the human factor, vision, leadership and mature judgment gained during her successful careers in the Credit Reporting, Collections, Advisory and the Insolvency Industries, to generate sustained positive results for all consumers and businesses in financial crisis.

Leveraging her tenure in the credit reporting & collections services, both in consumer and commercial as an Account Executive with Equifax Canada spanning a generation – Toni, has proven that she has the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to handle and address the need for all Canadians to be given the second chance for a better and stronger financial future. Toni’s, prior achievements included owning and operating her own franchise with great success that eventually gave her the essential skills to thrive as a woman entrepreneur – whereby her skills were in demand on a national level in providing new franchise owners the training and support they so needed.

Eventually, being recruited by BDO Canada, Accounting & Advisory for her entrepreneurial skills, she quickly escalated her career in BDO to Manager, Business Development, as well as becoming a Certified Insolvency Counselor (Accredited by CAIRP). Toni, recognizing the gaps in assisting Canadians with a proper financial rehabilitation in the most vulnerable times during financial crisis, Toni, led the growth-stage of what we now know to be Transcending Limitations Credit and Debt Counseling. Her leadership has provided many Canadians with the tools, protection and guidance so they can enjoy a quality of life that otherwise may have not been an option.

Toni’s reputation within the insolvency industry has exceeded all expectations. Over the past 8 years industry professionals have turned to New Beginnings for assistance in referring their clients for the services that have proven to be beneficial for them. Toni proactively continues to improve and enhance her talent by keeping relevant and engaged in the industry always ensuring that Canadians who are suffering from financial crisis maintain a sense of dignity and pride during difficult times.

Toni, welcomes everyone to be engaged in their own financial situation and her message is -

“You do not have to go it alone…New Beginnings is your partner, your voice and your advocate”.




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